Unknown Newspaper (UK), 1996

Keanu Reeves caused a panic when his group Dogstar played the NME Stage in 1996. We couldn't find him - he'd decided to travel to the site at Strathclyde Park on a bus from Glasgow. He wanted to get away from the whole star trip and mix with the fans. I got a call from security saying: "We've got a guy here who says he's Keanu Reeves." I went down to the gate to check it out - and it was him.

Then the caterers forgot to include a bottle of Jack Daniels in Dogstar's dressing room. The group had a pre-show ritual where they'd stand in a circle, take a swig of Jack Daniels and toast to a good gig. Keanu asked for some Scotch whisky instead so I got them a bottle of 17- year-old Ardbeg malt. They tried to down it in one but it was so strong they spat it back out.

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