Live & Kicking (UK), January 1997

Babe Magnet!

Keanu Reeves is a sexgod and top acting totty. But is he a decent kinda bloke? L&K's been checking him out...

- Keanu is majorly polite. On set he always stands in line for food with the crew and cast and never demands his scran first! Ke was heard to go up to the catering guy and say, "Could I please have some more coffee. Can you spare some?" Not even a hint of primadonna-ness!

- Everyone who meets him says he's almost embarrassingly modest as he can't stand being praised and shrugs it off immediately.

- When asked if he makes a conscious effort to stay normal, he says, "I am normal!" As if it's the most obvious thing in the world for a superstud to be.

- Ke admits to being a loner, to loving his own company and staying in his head a lot (what?) But those who know him say it's not in a weird way, he just doesn't need to be the centre of attention.

- While he's filming he'll spend hours signing autographs for fans who turn up to see him. Nice one!

- People often talk about Keanu's 'monk-like' quality (hello! -Ed) but he's also got a goofy side and apparently does a mean Indian accent!

- When he's working he always looks after himself - and those around him - and can be found armed with Echinacea and Goldenseal (herbal remedies -Ed), to be dropped into water to ward off colds. How v. sensible!

- If you ever get lucky enough to interview Keanu you'll find that for most of the time he'll stare at the ground, until he gets really involved answering a question. That's when his hands start to twist and gesture wildly. Bizarre, but still v. decent of him!



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