BB Magazine (US), January 1997


Everywhere you look on a map, it seems Keanu Reeves has some connection to the region.

1) Essex, England -The birthplace of Keanu's mother, Patricia. She ran away from home when she was only 15 yrs old to forge a new life.

2) China - Keanu's father's ancestry is Chinese and Hawaiian.

3) Beirut, Lebanon - Keanu Charles Reeves' birthplace. September 2, 1964. The information about his father, Samuel Nowlin Reeves, is sketchy, mostly since Keanu doesn't like to talk about him to the press. His father, who is a geologist, apperently took the family to Lebanon because of his work. Keanu's parents didn't always have it easy over there. His mother often wore jeans, cowboy boots, and a mink coat in Lebanon; many Arab cultures believe women should wear robes and veils to cover their faces. Patricia's garb was anything but traditional, which might explain why on numerous occasions people threw rocks at Keanu's family.

4) Hawaii - the origin of the name Keanu, which is Hawaiian for 'cool breeze over the mountains'. It's also the state where Keanu's father is currently in prison for cocaine possession.

5) Australia - The country in which Keanu spent the first year of his life.

6) New York, NY - They say if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Keanu went from Down Under to the city of Manhattan, where he lived until he was about seven. These days, Keanu has an apartment in the Big Apple.

7) Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Keanu grew up here and is still a Canadian citizen. He lived with his mother and sisters Kim, now in her mid-20s, and Karina, who's 19. His father hung around for awhile, but eventually left the family.

8) North America, Pacific Ocean - Like his spirited mother had years before, Keanu dropped out of high school in 1986, when he took to the road in his 1969 volvo and pointed his wheels toward Hollywood.

9) New Mexico - In 1989, Keanu and a friend took a 10 day road trip to New Mexico, where he felt very liberated . He has reportedly said that the desert is where he feels the most calm.

10) Paris, France - Keanu took a brief vacation here after filming Bram Stoker's Dracula. He says he and friends spent their time in cafes, talking and hanging out.

11) Los Angeles - Besides having a place in NYC, Keanu lives here as well. Hey, after all the travelling he's done, who can blame him for having more than one place to call home??


Bram Stoker's Dracula


Guestabout lebanon (2013-07-13 20:43:49)
 in lebanon, even in the 60s, there never was anyone forcing women to wear a hijab or anything like that, women could wear anything as long as it wasn't too provocative, even miniskirts were a hit then, so i don't think it was the reason his family was thrown rocks at :S if this is true even. and his parents met in beirut where his mom was working.
Guestmissing (2016-08-08 11:18:52)
 Hi, I hope this finds u line app/ blackrose I almost contacted u through Dogstar message board....then I was going to concert in Ottawa on Bank street was stopped idk why ...couldn't go : - ( u a lasting friend from the other side of a nightmare .... 613-975-9997 omma zone_luc@ trust no one surrounded xxxooo
GuestRocks (2018-01-08 10:08:52)
 Hi, cool info, very nice.
Quick comment on the "rock throwing" in Beirut. Women in places like Beirut, Jordan etc. back in the day, didn't get pushed around to wear what they didn't want. They would choose their root of Islam..Which has many interpretations on clothing.

The rocks being thrown, if it happened, was probably because his family looked odd, strange and different to some stupid asshole minded people who obviously don't follow their religion. Possibly an "Asian and white girl thing".

I had a Chinese roommate who, in Argentina, would be pelted with stones and mud by the locals because he looked different and posed as a threat to their local economy. Everyday at the same time they would line up and throw shit at him, even at the bus he was on. Perhaps KEannu looking Asianish with a white mom just became a good target for local jealousy.

Just sayin'.

Anakin McFly
(2018-01-08 11:22:33)

Oh hey, thanks for the info! :) That makes sense.

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