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Keanu Reeves on Why He's Not "Speeding"

by Joey Berlin

Passing up many millions of dollars, Keanu Reeves refused to board the "Speed 2" boat and star in the sequel to his biggest hit. Sandra Bullock and director Jan De Bont did return, with Jason Patric stepping into the male lead, and "Speed 2" floats into theaters June 13th.

Why did Reeves turn it down?

"I had the opportunity to act in `Devil's Advocate' and hopefully it will be a good picture and do well," he answers, adding that he looks forward to seeing "Speed 2."

"I can't wait," Reeves insists. "I love Jan De Bont's work - when it works -- and I really like Sandra Bullock. I'm a great fan of Jason Patric's as an actor." Then he breaks into his best Brooklynese to conclude his endorsement of the project he passed on. "So get outta here! 'Speed 2!' It'll be fun!" Reeves has a supporting role in the new movie, "The Last Time I Committed Suicide," based on a letter written by Neal Cassady to Jack Kerouac. Kerouac later made Cassady a central figure in his writing and an inspiration for the Beat generation. "The Last Time I Committed Suicide" opens in New York and Los Angeles June 20th.

"Devil's Advocate" will be out this fall, co-starring Al Pacino. Reeves plays a young hotshot lawyer in the courtroom thriller with a Mephistophalean twist. Then he hopes to play a drug dealer for his old "Bill & Ted" pal Alex Winter in "Weed." Listening to Reeves discuss his view on drugs in America, it's a good bet that "Weed" will be quite controversial, if it does actually get made.

"Drugs. They're all the same, aren't they? They're just DRUGS," he says sarcastically.

"I don't really think of marijuana as a scourge on society. But that's my point of view. For some people it is. Alex is not really taking a political stance with it. I think he's doing the history of it as a cash crop in America."

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