Ottawa Sun (Ca), July 11, 1997

Just don't call it Keanu's band

by Eve Edmonds

He's best known as a movie star, but Keanu Reeves is coming to Ottawa and Toronto as a grunge rocker. Dogstar will be in Toronto on Monday.

Dogstar, the L.A.-based rock band featuring Reeves on bass, will play Barrymore's on the group's Our Little Visionary North America tour.

There is no doubt that Reeves is the band's biggest claim to fame. Many critics say he's the reason the band got a recording contract and is doing a North American tour. But Reeves refuses to be pushed into the spotlight. He and the band's publicity machine are quick to point out that Dogstar is not Reeve's band, and that the focus ought to be on the music.

But Reeves' marquee value has turned what one critic called a "bubblegrunge band", typical of many of its ilk since Pearl Jam, into an international name.

But while they might not be on the cutting edge, the group has fans, a website and a line of merchandise.

It all began in a grocery store with a conversation about hockey. It was there Reeves spied drummer Rob Mailhouse wearing a hockey sweater and asked him if his team needed a goalie. One thing led to another, the two became fast friends, and instead of playing hockey, Reeves ended up playing bass with Mailhouse and guitarist Bret Domrose.

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