E! Online (US), August 1, 1997

Cunanan Didn't Have AIDS, Newspaper Reports

In other Cunanan news today (the story just won't go away): producer Dino De Laurentis (King Kong) wants Keanu Reeves or Brad Pitt to play the alleged killer in a movie based on the notorious man's life, according to the New York Post.

The newspaper reports that De Laurentis had been tracking the Cunanan story even before the Versace slaying and had sent an early proposal to Reeves, who turned it down. (A spokesman for Reeves today said he was "unaware of any proposal." Pitt's people say they haven't seen a thing on the project.)

In the wake of Cunanan's mega-notoriety, the veteran movie producer is reportedly updating the script and getting ready to send it off to Reeves again. Pitt, too.

This reputed project is not be confused with yet another Hollywood-ization of the suspected killer's life. ABC confirmed this week that it's developing its own Cunanan docudrama.



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