Hello! (UK), August 2, 1997

Amanda De Cadenet

Takes a wry look at Tinseltown and explains how its rumour mill works.

(snipped for Keanu content)

'I am very close to Keanu but no, we haven't just secretly got married'

... The only downside at the moment is that, being single, she's now romantically linked with any famous friend she's seen with - and she knows a lot of famous people. Recent linkees range from Jack Nicholson to the subject of the most persistent rumours, Keanu Reeves, to whom, according to some papers, she was secretly married just a few days before our interview.

Is there any truth to that rumour, Amanda?
"I don't even bother to comment on stories like that usually now, because you can't win."

How do you mean?
"Well, I do know Keanu. He's been a friend of mine for about six years and I'm very close to him. But you can't get away with that, you know? Certain sections of the press ask me if we're lovers and if I say 'We're just friends,' they make out we're lovers. Yet if I say 'Yes, we're lovers!', they'll make up some other ridiculous nonsense."

Does that mean this rumour's true though, or not?
"No, we haven't just secretly got married. Actually I can understand how the wedding thing could have come about, but I'm amazed anybody would have noticed.

"We've just had the premiere of Fall, and I was wearing a wedding ring because I'm currently playing a married woman in the film I'm working on and I hadn't taken it off.

"The wedding rumours originally started after someone had seen a picture of him wearing a ring when he was shooting Devil's Advocate, where he plays a married man. And, although that was months ago, it seems someone decided to put it all together and make us a happy couple!"


Devil's Advocate, The

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