Empire (UK), August 8, 1997

Keanu Believe It?

Never one to be slow off the mark, Hollywood is making plans to tell the story of alleged Versace murderer Andrew Cunanan. Producer Dino De Laurentiis, responsible for the likes of Flash Gordon, Dune and Body of Evidence, apparently wants either Keanu Reeves or Brad Pitt to take the lead role. De Laurentiis had allegedly already started on the project prior to the media explosion surrounding the fashion designer's death, and approached Reeves before the script was revised to incorporate recent events. He turned it down, but the producer is reportedly going to ask him again and also offer the role to Pitt. He feels that the story of Cunanan, a gay hustler who went on a murder spree, would reflect accurately the state of our society. Yeah, but can you imagine the man who created Ted doing psycho?



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