US Magazine (US), September 1997

Dog Days in St. Petersburg, Fla.

by Sarah Bewley

For a guy making $10 million a movie, Keanu Reeves sure knows how to rough it. While on the road with his band Dogstar (which includes Drummer Rob Mailhouse and singer Bret Domrose), Reeves is living the life of little sleep, bad sound systems and fast food - although he knows where to draw the line.

"I try not to drink soda before a show" says the actor, who joined the guitar-driven rock band in 1994. "I find the sugar sometimes makes me blank out." Luckily, his bandmates have more of a rock & roll constitution. "If you start taking your vitamins and sleeping a lot, the show suffers," explains Domrose. "You don't feel it rock." Mailhouse agrees: "It's true. You feel like an accountant. It's kind of sad."

Although the band has pulled in enthusiastic crowds in the United States, Asia and Europe to support its one and only full-length album, Our Little Visionary, critics still scoff at Dogstar. "We're fighting this credibility factor," says Domrose. "I swear, every time something great comes along, we say, 'OK, we got this because Keanu's in the band.' And then every time something bad happens, we say, 'OK, we got this because Keanu's in the band.'" C'mon guys - no one ever said being a rock star was easy.


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