The Tampa Tribune (US), October 21, 1997

Keanu Reeves

by Beth Landman Keil and Deborah Mitchell

The suspense in Warner Bros. new thriller "Matrix" was not limited to on-screen action.

Keanu Reeves, the film's star, recently found himself in a real life-threatening predicament, say insiders on the set. During preparation for the movie, scheduled to begin shooting this March in Australia, Reeves was required to take a complete physical examination.

To the actor's disbelief, says one insider, he was told he had a fracture in his neck.

When Reeves went to get a second opinion from his own physician, not only was the diagnosis confirmed, but he was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery, the source continues.

While a Reeves spokesman confirms the surgery, he dismisses it as "minor surgery on a disk in his neck."

The film sources say Reeves was told the problem, which was apparently due to a neglected sports injury, could have resulted in paralysis had it not been treated.

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Matrix, The


Matrix, The

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