Keenen Ivory Wayans Show (US), October 23, 1997

Keanu on Keenen Ivory Wayans Show

(Transcriber's Note: BROWN SUIT ALERT!!!)

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Welcome back. My first guest hit it big in movies like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Point Break, and, of course, Speed. Now he's starring with Al Pacino in a new film, Devil's Advocate. Please, let's welcome Keanu Reeves. (Major cheers and applause)


KEANU: My God! Thank you. (Turns around) I don't see anybody behind me. (to the audience) Thank you very much. Thank you! Thank you and good night!

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: It's time to go now. There ain't nothing better than this.

KEANU: I can't top this, right? I'm the boring guy now. I can't win.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: No. It's great having you here.

KEANU: Thank you very much.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Well, first off (One audience member screams "I love you")

KEANU: (Screams to the audience member) I love you, too. (Talks to the audience member) OK. I'll do the show and then we'll hang out.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: And you can give him a flower.


KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: That's very sweet. (Audience awww's)

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Well, congratulations on the new film.

KEANU: Thank you very much.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Devil's Advocate, yourself, Al Pacino, Charlize. She was on the show.

KEANU: Oh, was she?

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Yeah, last week she was on the show.

KEANU: She's a cutie pie.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Yeah, she's great.

KEANU: Very sweet, yeah.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: So, for the folks who haven't seen the film, tell them what it's about.

KEANU: Um, let's see. I play a young criminal defense attorney from Gainesville, Florida, who's never lost a case. I get recruited by Al Pacino from the law firm Milton, Chadwick & Waters, and it's about how I guess this couple, with Charlize Theron, this young couple go from Gainesville, Florida to New York City. And it's about what they do for success and how they kinda get temptation. What they do to win. And what they lose and what they gain.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Now you play a defense attorney, right?

KEANU: Yeah.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Did you have to do a lot of preparation for this?

KEANU: Yeah, Yeah. I went to, I met some defense attorneys in Los Angeles. Then I went to New York and then I went to Florida. And uh, I went to Gainesville and Jacksonville, where my character lived and worked and stuff. And so I did all that.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Did you learn anything from these guys?

KEANU: Um, yeah. I mean I learned more about what it takes to be an advocate, you know. Um, the opening statement techniques, cross examination. What they call being in trial. My character kinda gets, uh, overwhelmed. He just, it becomes all about his work, about winning the case, and I start neglecting my wife, neglecting my mother, neglecting my, my inner truth. (Audience awww's) I do it to win! I do it to win! Right, we all do what it takes to win.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Price of success. That's right, that's right. We have a little clip so people can take a peek at this.

KEANU: Oh, great! Thanks. (The "Lose, I Don't Lose" clip from Devil's Advocate)

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Yeah! (Audience cheers and applauds)

KEANU: The fantastic Al Pacino.


KEANU: Al Pacino.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: He is definitely one of my all time favorites. Now, there's a great twist in this movie.

KEANU: (smiling) Yes.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: That we won't give away.

KEANU: Thank you very much.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: (to the audience) You guys, you gotta go check it out, cause it gets pretty freaky.

KEANU: (laughs) Yes, indeed.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: So, now, I wanted to ask. I'm glad that this movie is as good as it is.

KEANU: Uh huh.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Because when I read that you turned down 11 million for Speed 2

KEANU: Right, right.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: I almost had a heart attack for you. I fainted for you.

KEANU: You just wanted to call me "What are you doing?"


KEANU: You didn't read the script though.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: No (Audience laughs and Keenan claps)

KEANU: No, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait (Transcriber's note: I lost count of the "waits"). I mean, just that's my own opinion. Right. I mean, the film can be great, but it's about a boat on top of water, and I've said this, that that's not exciting. You can't have, underwater's good, above water's good, but on water?


KEANU: Cruise control? Cruise control is not speed. Cruise control is slow.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Is cruuuuise! Yeah.

KEANU: And besides, and so, and instead of that, this film came around and you know, Taylor Hackford, the director said, you know, I could do it. (Something metal drops on the floor backstage)

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: A little sound effects.

KEANU: I like that. It's haunted. It's near Halloween, right? MMMRRROOOWWW!

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: You made the right choice.

KEANU: I don't know. I mean, I had a really great time making Devil's Advocate and I'm really proud of the film and I think it's a special picture. It's not the typical Hollywood film, you know. It doesn't insult your intelligence.


KEANU: It's scary, It's meaningful, It's funny.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: It takes you for a ride.

KEANU: It's.......

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Now, let's talk more about you. I hear you don't live in a permanent place.

KEANU: Right.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: That you live in hotels, and you don't have a house.

KEANU: Yeah, I don't have a house.


KEANU: I just, it hasn't worked out.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: You mean like first and last month hasn't worked out?

KEANU: (laughs) Yeah, uh, what do I say? I lived in a house, the landlord went bankrupt. He had to give it up. I didn't want to buy it. So, I moved out. Then, I've been working. And since then, for the past four years, I haven't found anything that I want to live in, or could afford. So, I've been working, and then staying in hotels, and just, um.....

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Well, the good thing about a hotel is you don't have to clean up.

KEANU: No, not at all. Room Service.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: You can get as nasty as you want to be.

KEANU: It's brought and it's taken away.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Exactly. Put the tray in the hall.

KEANU: That's it! "Thank You." You know, you come home, your bed's made. It's like the hotel fairies.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Now, we were talking backstage.


KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: About your scar on your neck. You just had an operation from a previous motorcycle accident.

KEANU: Yeah, well, um. I don't know. I had, um, 2 disks removed from between my vertebrae, and then they took some cadaver bone, and stuck it in there as placement. And then they took a steel plate. And they want 3 of my vertebrae to fuse.


KEANU: And it's just from motorcycle accidents. Um, I played hockey as a kid and I just, uh, I'm just a terrible driver. I keep crashing. (Audience laughs)

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Does it go off at the airport?

KEANU: That's what I thought, but it doesn't. I was really worried. But it didn't.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Look, man, it's not a weapon. So, why is it you don't give up your bike? Cause you've had how many accidents now?

KEANU: I don't know. 9 or 10.


KEANU: Well, I mean, there's little ones and big ones, right? There's like just going off the road and then there's hospital. (Audience laughs)

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Pain and more pain, that's what I say.

KEANU: I know, but it's just. I don't know if you ride, but to ride a bike, it's just a, it's a chance for me sometimes to fly, to feel free (Audience cheers).

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: I'm sure when you go off the road, you...are...really flying!

KEANU: I have, I have. I've done somersaults.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: So, now, you're 30's, now.

KEANU: 30, 33.


KEANU: My Christ year (audience cheers), whatever that means.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: And you sort of, we sort of became familiar with you when you were in your 20's.

KEANU: Uh huh.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: And how do you feel now 10 years later?

KEANU: Old. I have a plate in my neck.


KEANU: I get out of bed slow. You know, I'm just, uh, I feel old.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: You feel old now?

KEANU: I feel old.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Do you feel, is it better or worse in terms of age?

KEANU: I like it better. I'm more comfortable 33 than I was in that weird 15.


KEANU: You know, remember. 15 was crazy.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: 15 was frightening, yes.

KEANU: But I'm 33, and uh, I like it. I'm comfortable. It just, uh, but it's just, I don't know, when we were speaking, you kinda get the illusion of becoming smarter with age and that's the illusion (audience laughs).

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Right. I'm sure every time you lay up in that hospital bed you think "I thought I was smarter." (Everyone laughs).

KEANU: I thought I was a better driver.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: So, what should we look for you, from you next?

KEANU: Uh, hopefully, I'll be acting, you're gonna laugh at this, hopefully I'll be acting in a science fiction kung-fu film called The Matrix. (Audience laughs)

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Well, actually I read that script. That's a good script.



KEANU: Yes. It's really amazing, working with Lawrence Fishburne. That's what I have to look forward to, you know.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Well, we'll be looking forward to it, too. Thanks for coming by.

KEANU: Thank you.

KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: Pleasure having you. Keanu Reeves. (To the audience) You guys check out the Devil's Advocate. It's in theaters now. We'll be right back...


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