The Daily Telegraph (Aus), March 31, 1998

Keanu a Good Guy in a Virtual Nightmare

by Philippa Walsh

FANS of Keanu Reeves searching for the temporary Sydney resident had to look up to see their idol yesterday.

Reeves was battling bad guys with the aid of an M-16 assault rifle on the top of the city.

While smoke from a burning city sky-scraper billowed behind him, Reeves acted out a fresh scene for the science fiction thriller Matrix.

In the film Reeves has to navigate his way through the "virtual reality" world created by the nasty computer, Matrix.

On top of a Sydney city office block yesterday, the Matrix film crew began shooting the last location shots involving helicopters.

The rooftop of the Prince-Waterhouse building in Kent St was transformed into a film set yesterday with a false floor, helipad with a black Iriquois helicopter, bad guys and guns.

Sydneysiders reported a black helicopter making sorties around Centrepoint Tower on Saturday.

In a shoot that started at 6am yesterday, Reeves wore a full length black trench coat and trousers, a body skimming black T-shirt, combat boots and the obligatory black shades.

The shoot started at 6am and was still going at 5pm.

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Matrix, The

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