YM (US), March 1998

Roadie for a day:

my adventures with Keanu Reeves and Dogstar

Sure, Keanu is eye candy. He's a lot more, too. Here's what cool chica Sarah Bewley learned from a few days on the road with K-man and his band, Dogstar.

Lucky me, I'm driving the babes of Dogstar to dinner after a rockin' show. It seems easy enough, until Keanu, drummer Rob Mailhouse, guitarist Bret Domrose, and I try to get out of the parking lot. Suddenly, it's obvious we've got a big movie star in the car. Fans surround us, pounding on the windows, screaming, "Keanu!"

To my disbelief, Keanu actually rolls down the window. Turns out he recognizes a fan he met when he was in a Winnipeg, Manitoba, production of Hamlet.

Inside the restaurant, there's another mob scene. The guys can't get a moment's peace. Poor Keanu leaves his meal untouched.

So why does this awesome actor play in a band when going out to dinner is already such a hassle?

"I like to play music," he says. "I get to let go when I perform."

Watching the dudes jam the next night, it's easy to see it's the music that keeps 'em together.

"For an hour and a half each night, it's all about the sound," Bret says. "Even if we've fought backstage, the minute we're on, everything disappears but the music." And the screaming fans.

Wanna know if Dogstar's tour is headed to your town? To find out, surf their rockin' website: www.dogstarfan.com.

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