Cinescape Online (US), April 4, 1998

Matrix Producers Reveal New Details

Producer Andrew Mason recently revealed key Matrix plot points to the Sydney Morning Herald. While the information could only be labeled a minor spoiler at best, we've hidden it for those who don't want to know:

"Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Laurence Fishburne's characters] are the free human beings, and they are fighting to help free the rest of mankind," according to Mason. Producer Barrie Osbourne continues by explaining, "In the movie, you first see the world and it looks like present day, then you start to get visual clues that there's something odd --people can jump farther than you think they can; people can do feats that aren't real. [In the movie} you can learn anything by being downloaded this [computer] program," Osbourne continues, "so they learn how to fight by downloading the kung-fu program. The message of the movie is that really you have to rely on yourself --you have to believe that you can do something."

The paper also reports that the massive stunt previously mentioned on Cinescape Online is actually the rescue of Fishburne's character, who is being held prisoner by the villainous Agents.

Are Reports of Matrix Tension Overblown? Cinescape Online tipster Val Phelps spent time on the set of Matrix and wants everyone reading the Insider to know that Keanu Reeves' colorful escapades, which have filled Sydney, Australia newspapers (and this site), are not quite accurate. Contrary to some reports portraying Reeves as troubled and stressed-out, Phelps contends that the actor has been extremely friendly to fans, even if he is somewhat overwhelmed by all the attention he has received. Phelps adds that the media are unfairly hanging on to Reeves' alleged "tantrum," swearing that the actor's on-set behavior has been that of a mostly model citizen.

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