Cinescape Online (US), April 13, 1998

'Matrix' Filming In S&M Club

The Sydney Star Observer has reported (and the film's publicist has confirmed) that the Keanu Reeves future-thriller Matrix recently wrapped a sequence at the Hellfire Club, one of Sydney's local S&M clubs. Another report in the Sydney Morning Herald described a recent shoot featuring Keanu Reeves in "black boots, black combat-cool kit [?], white shining teeth and a blood-red wound sewn into the shoulder of his battle-torn black T-shirt."

Meanwhile the cast has been receiving training from kung-fu filmmaking king Woo-ping Yuen in how to lay the leather on the ominous Bad Guy (played by Australian Hugo Weaving) who leads a legion of 'Agents' against those who are aware that the Matrix exists. Variety, meanwhile, reports that the production recently completed an elaborate stunt involving a helicopter that crashes and sends two men spinning through the air like a pendulum.

The paper also reports (possibly confirming Cinescape Online's source last week?) that the Wachowski brothers have picked up the alias "the Wacko brothers" on the set.

Fishburne Labels 'Matrix' "Voodoo Soup"

Veteran genre actor Lawrence Fishburne recently raved about his role playing a hacker who rebels against computer rule in Matrix (or The Matrix as they' ve enjoyed calling the flick down under) to the Sydney Morning Herald. "[The script is] incredibly well thought out [with a] fascinating premise," Fishburne says. The movie's about "the way in which computers run the world, and they use human beings as batteries, and in exchange for the bio-electrical energy, they give us a false sense of reality which we call the matrix," he reveals. "It's really their first shot working with that Hollywood stuff," Fishburne says of Yuen's contributions. "It's a combination of Aussie style, Hollywood style, Hong Kong style - it's a real voodoo soup."

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