The Daily Telegraph (Aus), April 30, 1998

Behind the scene secrets of Matrix

THERE are fight scenes with robotic baddies, tussles in front of speeding trains and black-suited men who show a propensity for spontaneous combustion.

All this and more is in store for Keanu Reeves fans when Sydney's favourite sci-fi film, Matrix, finally hits the silver screen next year.

Using our considerable (and oft wily) charms, We have obtained a copy of the "story book" for Matrix's final scenes.

And while we would never wish to ruin anyone's experience at the movies — and certainly wouldn't seek to give away what is a particularly suspenseful ending — we feel we have a civic duty to inform the citizens of Sydney town exactly what story these visiting filmmakers are using our city to tell.

In the scene titled El Fight our hero Keanu (known to his Matrix co-stars as Neo) not surprisingly finds himself engaged in a punch-up of truly Hollywood proportions. Deep in the bowels of a generic downtown train subway, there's a gun fight with a black suited bad guy which fast devolves into a no-holds barred big screen fist fight. In the tussle — and in between losing a few teeth from well-aimed punches — Keanu is hurled on to the train tracks where a speeding train threatens to wipe out the two of them.

Will our hero survive?

In another scene, this time titled Goodbye Mr Anderson, Neo finds himself in some kind of hyper-reality where he tackles another black-suited, bespectacled bad guy. This time though, instead of going for the obvious punch-up method of disposal, Keanu appears to do a tricky little bit of body snatching and takes on the baddie from the inside — with spectacular results.

And in the "Chase Finale", Keanu displays remarkable prowess against speeding bullets.

But it's all top secret — so don't tell anyone.

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Matrix, The

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