New Weekly (Aus), July 13, 1998

Star Treatment For Kids

There was plenty of attention being dished out recently at Dogstar's concert on the Gold Coast - but unlike the Sydney gig, it wasn't being directed at Keanu. Instead, onlookers say it was the star himself who was absorbed, during a visit to a group of children suffering from leukaemia.

It's a subject close to Keanu's heart, say insiders. It was during the Gold Coast leg of his tour that the usually private actor revealed to sources that one of his close family members suffers from leukaemia. Along with his fellow band members, Bret Domrose and Rob Mailhouse, Keanu happily signed autographs for the sick youths, and even signed one sufferer's guitar.

He seemed only too glad to spend some time with the leukaemia-stricken kids. "That gives him much more pleasure than having the lens focussed on him," says the source. "He was in no hurry at all, and really enjoyed spending time with them. It was something he really wanted to do."

Keanu was also keen during his two day stay to take a dip with the dolphins at the private set of 'Flipper' which is being filmed at the Gold Coast's Seaworld. Sadly all the attention he was drawing was just too much for the shy star, and he pulled out at the last minute.



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