Daily Star (UK), July 17, 1998

Rock off!

by Sandro Monetti

ROCK wannabe Keanu Reeves is desperately hoping he won't be kicked out of the flop band he fronts.

After years without success, other members of Dogstar are starting to think the movie heart-throb is holding them back.

Lead singer Brett Domrose says: "It's more of a burden to have a film star in the band. People don't seem to take our music seriously because of it."

Now the group are wondering if they would have more chance of Keanu-style wealth without their superstar bass player.

But Keanu doesn't want to go. Despite his glamorous movie career, performing with Dogstar is the greatest pleasure he gets.

He says: "I feel really good about what we're doing as a band. It's all about the sound, the crowd and, yeah, the free beer.

"We've had some great times. Once we got booed off stage - the crowd threw beer at us. It was just beautiful. What's most fun about the music for me is the immediate contact with an audience.

"It's great to sense their presence. You don't get that filming movies."

Despite playing gigs around the world, Dogstar have still failed to land an album deal.

Keanu may not be the best guitarist in the world but he's certainly loyal to his band mates. He turned down an £8 million offer to star in the sequel to Speed so he could go on tour with the group in Australia.

Keanu continues to write the lyrics for them.

On one of his last breaks from the band, he filmed the thrilling new video release Devil's Advocate.

In one of the best roles of his career, Keanu stars as an ambitious lawyer who goes to work for a top firm only to find there's something very suspicious about his new boss, played by Al Pacino.

As horrible things start to happen, it dawns on him that Pacino is the Devil. Keanu says: "It's spooky stuff."

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