Sydney Morning Herald (Aus), September 4, 1998

Keanu's Off

Keanu's off: He left more silently than he came. Eternal adolescent Keanu Reeves, that is, who has slipped away from our shores back to the relative peace of Los Angeles, where the average dweller is cooler about his presence. A spokeswoman for The Matrix said Reeves flew out yesterday, the day after his 34th birthday. It was also the day of the The Matrix wrap party, which was held last night at Luna Park to celebrate the end of shooting for the locally made Fox flick, minus Reeves' co-star Hugo Weaving, who is also away, but attended by producer Andrew Mason. Saddened Keanu-watchers should take heart, however, from the news Reeves is likely to be back in Sydney doing publicity when the film is finally released sometime around the middle of next year.

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Matrix, The


Matrix, The

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