Cybersleaze (US), September 8, 1998

Keanu Turns 34 - And Loses All His Hair!!

A belated Happy B-Day to our old school crush KEANU REEVES. The man, the myth, the star of legendary surf film POINT BREAK (a Diva Favorite - I think I have seen it like 27 times) turned 34 last Wednesday and is reportedly sporting a rather bald head. But enamored fans should not stress about it. He is not suffering from male pattern baldness, he actually shaved his entire head for his role in the upcoming sci-fi flick MATRIX which is currently filming down in Sydney, Australia. And a sharp-eyed Aussie Sleaze fan recently spotted the bald hunk boarding a plane. He reported that Reeves actually looks rather sinister as a baldie. He can scare me any time he wants...

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Matrix, The


Matrix, The , Point Break

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