New Weekly (Aus), September 14, 1998

The bald, not the beautiful

Believe it or not, this is international sex symbol and Hollywood demigod Keanu Reeves. We know he's been trying to avoid attention during his Sydney stay, but this is just ridiculous.

Keanu arrived at Sydney airport last Thursday afternoon, sans hair and eyebrows, and jetted back to LA having just finished filming the sci-fi thriller The Matrix in and around the Harbour City.

Eager Keanu fans who rocked up to the film's wrap party at Luna Park on Thursday night were disappointed to find that the celebrity, who had turned 34 the day before, had already sneaked out of the country.

They'd probably have been more disappointed if he had turned up sporting his new look.

So, what's behind Keanu's latest aerodynamic lease of life? Apparently he had to do it for his final Matrix scene, shot last week. It reportedly involves our hairless star bursting from a womb-like sack, where his character has spent his entire life in a foetal state. In the movie's plot, an entire city of people live vitual reality lives while their bodies are kept in cocoons. When Keanu's character realises his world isn't actually real, an army of bad guys are pitched against him as he tries to escape to reality.

Hair or no hair, the city the Speed star has called home since February will miss him dearly. But he'll be back...

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