The Daily Record (UK), September 24, 1998


Keanu Reeves spokeswoman denies that change of image due to illness

by Rick Fulton

Only the feline black eyes hint at the heartthrob that once was.

With his gaunt face, shaved hair and eyebrows, Keanu Reeves is a mere shadow of his pin-up past.

Only this year he was voted the 16th sexiest actor alive in the Empire Magazine Awards - beating Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and David Duchovny.

Friends say he underwent the dramatic transformation for a role in new sci-fi thriller Matrix.

But fans are worried about his drained look.

The 32-year old Speed star was photographed at the House of Blues club in Los Angeles where he was performing bass with his rock band Dogstar.

Gone is the chubby scruff who came to Scotland two years ago for T in the Park.

Gone is the handsome face in My Own Private Idaho.

A member of the audience at the LA club said: "I was pretty shocked. When you see his old photos it's hard to believe it's the same person."

His spokeswoman denied suggestions that he might be ill.

She said: "He's fine. He's changed his image for his film."

Sam Upton, film editor of Select magazine, reckons the image change is Keanu's way of looking to more mature roles.

He said: "He can't be the goofy all-American boy doing Bill & Ted-type roles for ever."


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