Cybersleaze (US), September 24, 1998

Keanu's Shoddy Apperance Causes Fans and Friends to Worry

Heartthrob actor KEANU REEVES has caused his fans and friends to worry after he appeared at a Los Angeles gig with his rock group DOGSTAR looking thin, haggard and drawn. The SPEED star reportedly looked so painfully thin that he stunned the clubbers at the HOUSE OF BLUES in Los Angeles with his new look. He was also sported a shaved head and eyebrows, which were required for his recent role in the film MATRIX. A fan who was at the club says, "I was shocked when he walked out on stage." Reeves' skinny appearance comes as even more as a shock because last year he came under fire from the press for piling on the pounds. A Hollywood source says, "There are always rumors about the health of various stars but Reeves really has lost a lot of weight, especially as he was pretty chubby not long ago." One has to wonder if the weight loss is a result of drug use or just not taking care of himself. I have not heard rumors in the past of Keanu being a big druggie, but perhaps he is trying to embrace the rock and roll lifestyle to the fullest. Who knows... This is not the first time there have been fears about Reeves's health, however. In 1996 he nearly died when he was involved in a motorbike crash which ruptured his spleen.


Dogstar , Matrix, The , Speed

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