Empire (UK), March 5, 1999

Don't Give Up The Day Job

Keanu Reeves has stepped up to the limelight in advanced talks for a new American football comedy film titled, The Replacements. Reeves has been missing from screens since the 1997 film, The Devils Advocate, choosing instead to plough his energy into alternative rock band Dogstar, in which he plays bass.

Hammered by all music critics, Dogstar have not exactly taken off with the same success as Keanu's career since the 1994 blockbuster, Speed. No doubt to keep the funds rolling in and drum up some much-needed PR for the band, Reeves is dabbling once again.

The Warner Bros. picture is based on the real-life crew of ragtag jocks who served as replacements during the 1987 National Football League players strike. Reeves would play the leader of the band of misfits who led the Washington Redskins to their impressive winning streak during that shortened season.

The project was acquired last year by WB as a pitch by Vince McKewin of Fly Away Home, who wrote the screenplay. As yet, no director is attached, but with Reeves onboard, the film is now an open assignment.

Reeves himself will next grace the big-screen in the WB sci-fi epic, The Matrix, scheduled to open April 2. Warner executives were said to be so enthused by test screenings and industry reaction to the picture, that they struck quickly to get Reeves onboard for another film.

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