Toronto Sun (Ca), April 6, 1999

Reeves regains Speedy form

The Matrix set box-office records over the weekend. This is good news for Keanu Reeves, who has not fared well on the big screen since Speed.

The suggestion that Reeves may be box-office gold again for the first time since 1994 draws this comment about the actor from a Warner Bros. executive, quoted in USA Today: "We like him."

Profound! Somebody stayed up all night putting that quote together.

Further on The Matrix and its creators: "We tried to get our name taken off that film." Andy and Larry Wachowski finally clear up the mystery of how the same guys who made Bound and The Matrix could possibly have been behind the screenplay for The Assassins, that high-hilarity turkey that featured Antonio Banderas and Sylvester Stallone typing on computers and shooting people, mostly each other.

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