Cinescape Online (US), April 13, 1999

Keanu Talks 'X-Men/Rings'

The Australian magazine Rip It Up recently published an interview with Keanu Reeves that was primarily intended to focus on his film The Matrix, but the actor seems to have surprised his interviewer by revealing two other projects he would like to be a part of: Lord of the Rings and The X-Men.

Regarding Lord of the Rings, Keanu revealed "I’m petitioning to play Strider. I'd love to work with [Peter Jackson], but I'm not sure if it's going to go ahead. I hope I can."

Reeves then switched gears to Bryan Singer’s X-Men project, already the subject of tons of Keanu related rumors, some of which started with Reeves. The actor says, "As for The X-Men - I'd love to do it, and I met with Bryan [Singer], but I'm not really sure if I'm the right one for it. I mean, I love The X-Men comics, but the older comics, the classic ones. I don't think I'm going to be right. I'd like to - you know when you read something when you're a kid and you think, ‘I want to do that!!!’ But I'm not sure I can."


Matrix, The

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