E! Online (US), April 16, 1999

Keanu Cashes In

As Keanu himself might say, "Whoa."

by Marcus Errico

The Gen-X thespian known for his low-key double take has upped his post-Matrix asking price to a whopping $15 million, in the wake of the film's monster box office.

Reeves will likely cash the big-bucks paycheck to star in a thriller titled Shooter, Daily Variety reports. He'll also reportedly get a hefty chunk of the film's profits. The film is based on a 1992 novel called Point of Impact, about a Vietnam veteran and ace sharpshooter named Bob Lee Swagger who agrees to one last mission--but gets double-crossed and becomes the fall guy in a presidential assassination plot. (The book was originally adapted by Nick Kazan as a Robert Redford vehicle.)

Swagger seems a perfect fit for Reeves (one book reviewer described the character as "dullish"), who tends to score boffo box office in films that require more action than acting (see Speed).

Shooter is slated for an end-of-the-year shoot, and will cap a busy 1999 for Reeves.

He's currently working on The Replacements for Warner Bros. Reeves pocketed $12.5 million plus a percentage of profits for the football feature, Variety says.

The Bill and Ted alum is also signed to play a serial killer in the indie flick Driven, according to the Hollywood Reporter. That film, to be shot before Shooter, will be helmed by Joe Charbanic, a first-time movie director whose previous experience includes directing videos for Dogstar, Keanu's wannabe rock band.

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