TV Week (Aus), April 24 - 30, 1999

Keanu's excellent adventure

by Shane Sutton

KEANU REEVES may have turned down the chance to star in the sequel to his hit film Speed, but he wouldn't say no to reprising his role in a possible sequel to his latest box-office hit The Matrix.

"In fact, there are two sequels waiting to happen to this film which the brothers (executive producers Larry and Andy Wachowski) have already worked out," Keanu reveals during a recent Sydney visit to promote the film.

"They'll both deal with the relationship between machines and humans. If they do them, then I'm in!"

Keanu's co-star, the beautiful Carrie-Anne Moss (best known in Australia as one of the stars of the short-lived Aaron Spelling soapie Models Inc), says she would also jump at the chance to play the guntoting, karate-kicking action heroine Trinity once, or even twice, again.

For her, making the specialeffects-filled film was more than just a good time. For almost a year the key cast, which includes Laurence Fishburne and Australian Hugo Weaving, trained with martial arts experts and went on a special fat-reducing, muscle-building diet which would send even the most dedicated athletes running to the nearest burger joint for relief.

Emotionally the cast also bonded in a way both the verbose Carrie-Anne and Keanu - a reluctant interviewee at the best of times - find difficult to verbalise.

'The cast found that there was so much love for each other," she says. "It has a special feeling for me. I think fate brought a certain group of people together who all had things to teach one another and to share with one another. I took so much away from this. I think I'm a more confident person... but it is so big I don't think I can explain it. I think I'm now more the person I've been trying to be for a long time.

"I think because I was so far away from home and without the support network of people I would usually be around, it put me into a new group and a new way of thinking. I fell in love with every one of them."

Do not take Carrie-Anne too literally. Although rumors were flying thick and fast last year that Keanu and the strikingly beautiful brunette had fallen in love while making the film in Sydney, the pair maintain they are just good friends.

The Matrix has already taken US$50 million at the American box office and looks like becoming an enormous hit in Australia, too. With that in mind, it's a better than good bet that one of those sequels will eventually get the go-ahead.

But before Keanu gets to slip back into the tight black outfits as Neo, the futuristic savior of the human race, there's one project he would dearly love to be involved with.

"I want to play Strider in Lord Of The Rings," he says. "(Director) Peter Jackson is doing that and I might have to go begging for the role. I have people making calls right now. Hopefully he'll think I'm right for the part. I'm the man. I'm there."

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(2009-10-06 18:17:37)
 << "I want to play Strider in Lord Of The Rings," >>

... now that would have been something to see ;) :D

Why didn't he get the part? (2009-10-06 19:54:45)
 I'm wondering why he didn't get the part. Maybe they wanted someone less - ummh - "pretty"? Viggo may have looked striking as Aragorn, but he certainly wasn't someone I would've called handsome. Also, I wonder if Peter Jackson preferred actors without too much prior fame.

I myself would have loved to see Keanu as Boromir. I think he'd have been brilliant as one who became more and more obsessed with the ring. Our Man sometimes has a tortured intensity to him that would have been perfect for that character. Methinks.

Anakin McFly
(2009-10-06 20:14:22)

There's also the issue of the accent...
(2009-10-06 20:24:19)
 ^^ that.

besides... when Hugo Weaving was cast... that was it. Can you imagine having those two on the screen in the same time and trying to hold on to the elf king illusion ?
me neither ;)

<< I think he'd have been brilliant as one who became more and more obsessed with the ring. Our Man sometimes has a tortured intensity to him that would have been perfect for that character. Methinks.>>
Agree. Let's hope he puts this intensity at work in Jekyll. IF that ever happens.

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