8 Days (Singapore), May 8, 1999

10 reasons why Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are the coolest screen couple.

by Gates Chong

1. Cool Beings
The excellent dude and the ultimate babe. Who else have you in mind for The Matrix? Donny and Marie?

2. Cool Hair
She cuts hers real slick. He combs his just for the movie, or usually, about once a year. And you know what, there's not a strand of dumb blonde anywhere.

3. Cool Origins
She's born in Vancouver and he was raised in Toronto. You freeze your butt off in Canada where it's blooody cold to you but waaay cooool, man, to them.

4. Cool W's
Keanu says "whoa" many times in his movies. Carrie goes "whoosh" every time she flies in the movie.

5. Cool Walks
Try to catch her and she walks on walls in The Matrix. Try to catch him when he did A Walk In The Clouds.

6. Cool Space
As Trinity in the movie, she jumps, hovers in space and kicks ass. As Keanu in real-life, he stands still, looks into space and plays the guitar.

7. Cool Jobs
She used to wait on tables before becoming an actress. He became an actor and then went to work on a bus in Speed.

8. Cool Shades
Notice those things they wear in the movie? You know what, their shades put ours in the shade.

9. Cool Bodies
Let them eat pork! They're so fighting trim their combined body fat probably weights less than Calista Flockhart.

10. Cool Clothes
They both like them tight. So tight that she looks good in his and, let's just say vice-versa.


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