BBC (UK), June 4, 1999

Keanu heads for Glastonbury

Hollywood star Keanu Reeves will be sharing the bill with some of the biggest names in music when he appears at the Glastonbury Festival later this month. The 34-year-old is planning to perform with his grunge band Dogstar at the highlight of Britain's pop festival season - held at Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset. But bass player Reeves won't be treated like a superstar when Dogstar take to the "Outer Stage".

Over on the main "Pyramid Stage" the likes of REM, the Manic Street Preachers, Fatboy Slim and Lenny Kravitz will be grabbing the limelight.

Emily Eavis, daughter of festival organiser Michael, said: "I don't think he'll be getting special treatment. We have so many stars appearing and Dogstar are fairly down the bill."

She's not sure what Dogstar's accommodation arrangements are, but doubts whether they'll be "roughing it" with the 100,000 or so festival-goers.

"Nowadays most bands bring a tour bus and either stay the night or head straight off," she added.

Even though Dogstar are not great crowd-pullers, Reeves tells the Express newspaper: "We've been touring now for four years and that experience is paying off.

"People used to come to our shows just for the beer but now they really like our stuff."

The Speed star's latest movie, the sci-fi thriller The Matrix, opens in Britain next week.

The film has already been a smash hit in America where it has grossed nearly £100m in nine weeks.

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