E! Online (US), July 21, 1999

Speed Bump

by Ted Casablanca

Slow down, put on the breaks, because, baby, this one's worth taking a look at.

No, it's not another dismal sequel to the megahit that was Speed.

Try a "sequel" to ts star, Keanu Reeves.

This is the buzz.

And if that little gem doesn't impress you enough, there's even more gossip on top of that gossip.

Busy little bees deep inside Keanu's honeycomb tell me his pregnant girlfriend is none too happy right now, only because Keanu is none too happy himself about his impending papa-hood.

Old scenario, right?

You got it, my busy buzzybodies.

"It's an untenable situation," lamented a friend of the hot couple's. "[She] is very distressed by his behavior."

Reeves, whose rep did not return my calls, is off filming his new movie The Replacements in Baltimore. Ironically, that's another situation I hear the yo-yoing muscle type is unhappy about.

"Keanu was promised the movie would be more of an ensemble piece," said a source knowledgeable with the film. "Now, they're focusing it much more on Keanu."

Obviously, the box-office-salivating producers are whetting their appetites, dreaming of another Matrix-type opening. Well, clearly, they're forgetting Keanu is the ultimate reluctant movie star and particularly wants to avoid carrying this movie.

The football story also stars Gene Hackman as a coach, but, apparently, his Oscars aren't enough to satisfy the producers' desires for packaging.

Speaking of packages, Keanu's new little one will have an eclectic upbringing, at best.

I'm told the megastar, whose acting talents, I think, often shine through, despite what most critics think, lives in the Valley with family--not surprising, considering he has often called various hotels home (shades of that other James Dean type, Leo D.).

Whereas Keanu's girlfriend has an apartment in town.

Uh-oh. It's all starting to sound very Michael Jackson, though I think it's safe to say this embryo got conceived the all-American way, i.e., after a little motorcycle ride--one of the many things Keanu and his gal-pal like to do together.

The wild ones also share an off-the-wall sense of humor and a healthy rollin'-in-the-hay kinda way, so I'm told. Though, at times, Keanu's "tortured" side prevails, frustrating his old lady.

And Papa Keanu does seem to be in one of his more tortured phases.

"He's really being distant to [her]," said a pal of the two renegades. "But, I should say, he's been like this before. He goes through phases."

Well, Keanu, fatherhood, contrary to what Hollywood chic may imply, is not a fad. But, judging by your behavior, something tells me you're aware of this fact.

It's not like you can't afford day care. Congrats, babe!

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