E! Online (US), July 29, 1999

Keanu Can Do Fatherhood!

by Joal Ryan

And now for Keanu Reeves' new excellent adventure: Fatherhood.

The 34-year-old acting/bass-playing dude is expecting his first child, Reeves' rep confirms to E! Online's Ted Casablanca.

It's Reeves' lady friend, of course, who's doing the actual expecting. The with-child gal-pal is one Jennifer Syme, according to Casablanca. Mum's the word on mum from the Reeves camp.

The star and mom-to-be have no plans to wed.

Reeves previously was rumored to be dating The Matrix costar Carrie-Anne Moss. In general, the actor is that rare pinup who flies below the media's romance radar. Reeves is much more prone to make news for his other extracurricular activity: His band.

The Dogstar punker, who infamously (and, as it turned out, presciently) turned down Speed 2 to tour with the group, is committed to the rock-star fantasy. The three-man outfit kicks off its fall/winter tour September 16 in California. Stops in Japan and New Zealand are planned.

When he returns from the road, Reeves is due to star in The Replacements, about the wannabes who suited up during the National Football League's 1982 players' strike.

There's talk the actor is close to a deal to reprise his starring gig in two new Matrix movies. That cyber thriller, released last March, was Reeves' biggest hit of a 13-year career that has spanned the good (Speed), the bad (Bram Stoker's Dracula), the offbeat (Little Buddha), the cult faves (My Own Private Idaho) and the whatever (the Bill & Ted movies).

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