Mr. Showbiz (US), July 30, 1999

Matrix star Keanu Reeves is onboard for another sequel project: His first child.

PMK's Cheryl Maisel has confirmed for Mr. Showbiz that the actor and his girlfriend are indeed expecting.

Maisel tells us that the cheekbone-blessed actor is "very happy" about the upcoming event. She could not divulge his girlfriend's name, how long the two have been together, or when the baby is due. Neither could she say if the two are living together in L.A., which Reeves calls home. When asked whether Reeves was making marriage plans, the rep answered, "not at this time."

Reeves has had a low-key romantic life, unlike fellows such as Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, or Johnny Depp, whose every romantic encounter was fodder for the tabloids.

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