E! Online (US), July 1999

Pregnant Pause

by Ted Casablanca

"Yes, it's true." --Keanu Reeves' publicist, regarding her client's impending fatherhood

Excuse me?

I thought I was hearing things. I'm so used to flacks telling me to go eat dog food, you could have knocked me over with a can of Alpo.

Indeed, the news I broke last week about Keanu's girlfriend being pregnant has been confirmed.

(His rep would not confirm the woman's name, but other sources identify her as Jennifer Syme.)

Keanu would like us to know a few details:

He is not, contrary to what I reported, unhappy about his future daddyhood. This, of course, is a direct contradiction of what my Keanu campers told me, but who am I to argue with the Dogstar dude? I'm happy he's happy.

Also, Mr. Reeves says it is not true that he was ever displeased with the way The Replacements has been handled--again, going against what I was told by the film's insiders, who said K.R. was PO'd because he was expected to carry the film all by his lonesome, as opposed to it being an ensemble flick.

"It was always geared that way," said the rep.

Look, all I know is what my sources tell me. They were obviously right on the money about the bun in the oven, so I have no reason to doubt the veracity of their other baked goods.

But this is a forum. Let's hear it from all sides, says this pastry poof.

By the by, Keanu, I guess things have gotten better since that unpleasant meeting--witnessed by many at Chaya here in L.A.--you had with your galfriend before you left town for The Replacements.

I assume that has nothing to do with the fact that you have no plans to marry, as I was told.

Mazel tov, you handsome hunk!

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