Dark Horizons (US), August 16, 1999

On the set report

The Replacements: Keanu Reeves should be almost finished work on the football film "The Replacements", and Roosh has an interesting story about being an extra on the set. HE also scanned in a copy of the program cover which is worth a gander:

"This is the Keanu's follow up to the Matrix. Today in Baltimore, MD, they recruited about 3000-5000 extras to take part in stadium scenes. I was one of them. There were about 5 scenes shot in the 3.5 hours I was there. One was a 3rd and goal type play, two were winning field goal plays, and two more were player excitement after the field goal went through.

Gene Hackman plays either the coach or manager of the "Washington Sentinels." They represent the Washington Redskins of 1987 but I don't think the Skins let the filmakers use their name. He wore a suit and was only in one scene. Between takes someone held an umbrella over him.

Keanu Reeves plays Falco, the star quarterback. He didn't get too physcial in the scenes but he signed a few autographs, and autographed jerseys and footbals were given out along with other prizes. Of the scenes filmed, here's a description of each one:

Scene #1 - A third and goal type situation....Washington has the ball on their own 15. The QB hikes the ball and sees that everyone is covered. He throws a screen to the running back, who bounces off one tackle attempt and makes a run for the end zone. At about the 5 yard line he jumps in the air and gets nailed. The announcer said it was the last scene in the movie but I doubt it. The real Redskins won the superbowl that year so it's pretty obvious they are gonna win the games (unless they changed the story a lot)

2 - The Sentinels attempt a 30-yard field goal and it goes through. Player excitement follows.

3 - A close up shot of the kick, camera focused on ball and field goal kicker excitement.

4 - Excitement over the field goal score...the kicker just made it and team members came running on the field. One team member knocks down the kicker. Hard to tell if it was super joy or if they got into a fight, since the player stayed on top of the field goal kicker and looked like he was mad.

5 - Different perspective of the 4th scene where the camera man runs onto the field and focuses on the field goal kicker. The camera gets in his face...then an assistant jerks the camera, whereby the kicker falls down.. Keanu was in the 5th scene, most likely the 4th also. I didn't know what number he was until late (he's 16). Hackman was only in the 4th scene.

It was pretty hot out so a few people fainted, but it was an interesting experience. I scanned and uploaded the program cover (available left)."


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