USA Today (US), September 30, 1999

Keanu quiet but content about kid

Many are the stars who love their privacy - when they're not promoting a movie.

Q: What's with Keanu Reeves? There are so many rumors as to whether he's having a baby or not having a baby - or if the mother-to-be is his ex-girlfriend or maybe just someone he was with "briefly." Why doesn't he come out and say what's going on? There are terrible things being said about him on the Internet. Keanu is my favorite actor/movie star, and I hope he's happy, but the rumor is that he is not at all pleased about this baby. Keanu is such a private man.

A: Reeves indeed is expecting a baby with Jennifer Syme, his girlfriend for some time. She lives in L.A., has worked in the record industry. And I'm told Reeves, 35, is indeed happy and excited about being a father. But you are so right: Reeves likes his privacy and doesn't want his future family in the public spotlight, so don't expect him to be talking it up. He has been busy making a comedy titled The Replacements, with Gene Hackman in Baltimore; it's a football strike tale, with Reeves as a replacement QB.

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