Empire (UK), October 1, 1999

Keanu's Batman Bombshell

Reeves reveals hopes for caped crusader

So the unthinkable has finally happened - Keanu Reeves is in the frame to play Batman in the next series.

In an interview with TV Times, the star revealed what he wanted to see from the caped crusader in Episode 5. 'It'll have to be dark, very sombre. Something that'll make people think twice about whether they're actually watching a Batman film or not...I want to see more about what makes [Batman] tick- Bruce is far more than just your average wacko.

So far, so good. But do Warner Bros really know what they're doing if they're considering a guy who describes Bruce Wayne as 'a serious wealthy dude'?

Either way, Jack Nicholson's job seems safe enough. 'I would have to insist, and I mean most strenuously, that any Batman film I'm involved in would have to have The Joker in it- absolutely. He's the archetypal bad guy, the Bat-nemesis. He's the dude with whom the Bat must battle- he's in the film, or I'm not! And Jack Nicholson has to do it again- definitely.'

Perhaps in preparation for playing the Dark Knight - Keanu's next project, Driven, is similarly dark in theme. 'I'm this guy, who's like a stylish serial killer- homicidal in Armani and shades.' he revealed. 'But I believe that to win audiences' sympathy, any character in any story has to make some kind of journey into darkness. And I like stories wher even the most malevolent characters- I mean dudes burning in hell kind of guys- have sides that draw sympathy. Driven is like all of that.'


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