Cinescape Online (US), October 4, 1999

Keanu Talks His 'Batman 5'

Though the Batman movie franchise appears to have been put on the development back burner at Warner Bros., interest remains high among fans of the series. Now, out of the U.K. comes word of what Keanu Reeves would like see happen with the series should he be given the part... or in order for him to take it.

While talking to the TV Times movie magazine (via Empire magazine), The Matrix star was asked how he would approach the title role in a possible Batman 5. Reeves revealed, "It'll have to be dark, very sombre. Something that'll make people think twice about whether they're actually watching a Batman film or not...I want to see more about what makes [Batman] tick- Bruce is far more than just your average wacko."

Reeves also explains who he would insist battle the caped crusader should he be allowed to wear the bat-suit, saying, "I would have to insist, and I mean most strenuously, that any Batman film I'm involved in would have to have The Joker in it- absolutely. He's the archetypal bad guy, the Bat-nemesis. He's the dude with whom the Bat must battle - he's in the film, or I'm not! And Jack Nicholson has to do it again - definitely."

Okay, is there something in what Reeves is suggesting? Maybe it’s just his wish list, but perhaps there’s something more. Reeves is certainly high profile enough… though probably miscast, in the part. In addition, given the success of The Matrix at Warner Bros. and the studio’s desire to hang on to Reeves, one can’t help but wonder if Reeves statements were intended to elicit some interest from inside. On the other hand, maybe he’s been asked and has put together a scenario that would be impossible to put together to prevent having to take the role.

Maybe he was just kidding around. Time will tell.


Matrix, The , Creepy Foreshadowing (I think he just described The Dark Knight. He should totally sue for plagiarism.)

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