Woman's Day (Aus), October 4, 1999

Keanu Reeves:

Watch out Arnie!

The father-to-be sweats out the wait as he beefs up for a new role.

by Warren Gibbs

Hollywood actionman Keanu Reeves certainly takes his career seriously. When movie bosses wanted the Matrix star to be in best physical shape for the gridiron football film, The Replacements, Keanu not only jumped to it... he skipped, swam and pounded weights in the gym.

Bulking up to be the next Arnie Schwarzenegger, father-to-be Keanu, 35, was photographed in a Baltimore health club working up a sweat as he pumped iron - under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor.

Says an insider: "Keanu has spent months getting into peak condition. A group of top American football players has put Keanu through an exhausting training schedule so he will really look the part of a star quarterback in the action movie.

"Keanu is a perfectionist. He spent a lot of his own time learning martial arts for his high-energy role in The Matrix, so it's hardly surprising he is now doing the same for The Replacements."

But Keanu, who once considered a career in hockey, now has another reason to get in shape - parenthood.

Although he has no plans to marry his long-time, secret girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, Keanu is said to be overjoyed at the thought of becoming a dad for the first time. He has revealed the child will take his last name.

"He's thrilled - and counting the days," says a friend.

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