Hola! (Spain), November 25, 1999

The Sporting Hobbies of an Actor

Keanu Reeves plays hockey with the Hollywood Hoots and rides motorcycles in a way that pays honor to his movie "Speed" by Jan De Bont.

The actor Keanu Reeves first surprised us with his rock band, Dogstar - in which he plays the (bass-)guitar -, by playing a concert in San Diego. Now the multifaceted actor, that since his school days has been an avid hockey fan and player, and that recently has become one of the most famous men in North American cinema today, will not let a Sunday morning go by without attending a game with his team, the Hollywood Hoots.

Every Sunday, Keanu Reeves gets up early and leaves the house ready to play with his team. They say he enjoys "sweating" during a game and that later, after taking a shower, he will go out with his friends for refreshments. Later, the star of the movie "Speed," who turned thirty-five years old in September, gets on his motorcycle, a Norton Commando 750, and he drives around Los Angeles, enjoying the speed.

Keanu Reeves, who as of yet has not found the woman of his dreams, is considered one of the sexiest men in North American cinema and, as can be seen in these exclusive photos, stays in shape thanks to the sport.

Picture: The actor Keanu Reeves, aside from being an expert hockey player is also one of the goalies for his team, the Hoots, with whom he plays every Sunday (left). Also, Keanu is very attached to motorcycles.


Speed , Dogstar , Matrix, The

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