Variety (US), November 29, 1999

Reeves "Sweet" on remake

by Michael Fleming

Keanu Reeves is in final talks to star in a remake of the 1968 film "Sweet November," making it his first love story since 1995's "A Walk in the Clouds."

The original "Sweet November" film starred Anthony Newley as a Gotham-based tycoon who falls for a girl (Sandy Dennis) who insists on taking a new lover each month because she is dying. Robert Ellis-Miller directed.

The Warner Bros. update will be directed by Pat O'Connor ("Circle of Friends"), with production to begin Feb. 28. It will be the next film for Reeves, who's expected to be paid his going rate of a $15 million advance against 15% of the box office gross.

Reeves has been sweet on "Sweet November" since the summer, and has agreed to make it one of two films he will star in before starting a 250-day shoot with Larry and Andy Wachowski on two sequels to "The Matrix" in the winter of 2001.

Reeves hasn't yet solidified the project he'll do following "Sweet November," but one candidate is "Fishing for Moonlight," the true story of a stockbroker who risks life and career to liberate a Russian woman enslaved in prostitution, falling in love with her in the process.

Reeves will next be in theaters costarring with Gene Hackman in the WB comedy "The Replacements," which has an August 2000 release date.

Best known for 1995's "Circle of Friends," Irish-born, London resident O'Connor has also directed "Dancing at Lughnasa" and "Inventing the Abbotts."

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