Chi (Italy), December 8, 1999

A dad on the road

(Translated from Italian, translation edited by Anakin McFly)

Los Angeles - December: How does a famous Hollywood star display his feelings about becoming a father? Keanu Reeves, the fascinating actor from Matrix and Point Break, has chosen a "grunge" or alternative style, as these exceptional images from a photographic service shows - a very different style from what the beautiful star exhibits on the set. As said by friends, Reeves is a future dad and has been involved a lot. In the few weeks before the birth of his daughter (Ava Archer) expected in the beginning of January, the star is trying to pass the greater part of his time at the side of Jennifer Syme, his companion for more than a year. In the couple's future are no marriage plans at the moment.

(1st page)
The thousand faces of the star.
In the game of transformations he is a true master. This time he hides behind great dark glasses, cap on the forehead and uncultivated beard. In order to uncover the mystery turn the page.

(2nd page)
Los Angeles. In these images a unrecognizable Keanu Reeves, 35, having a lunch on the sidewalk. Below, the other face of the Hollywood star. On the center and on the other page, Reeves with Jennifer Syme, 27.

(3rd page)
And here the unrecognizable Keanu Reeves, who in January will become a father, with his companion Jennifer.

Article Focus:

Lives and Deaths of Jennifer and Ava


Matrix, The , Point Break , Lives and Deaths of Jennifer and Ava

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