Semana (Spain), December 8, 1999

Now he will play the role of a stockbroker.

Keanu Reeves, a triumphant actor, but with the look of a beggar.

(Translated from Spanish)

Keanu, at the height of success thanks to "Matrix," awaits the birth of his first child in the year 2000.

Keanu Reeves finds himself in the best time of his career. After the great success of "Matrix," the science fiction movie that swept the whole world last summer, the actor will be starring in a love story/romance based on true facts. In this yet untitled movie, Keanu will play the role of stockbroker Robert Sampson, who became a hero when he saved Irina, a sex-slave whom the Russian Mafia apprehended in New York.

-It is a fascinating story. Irina arrived in New York under the false pretense of a job offer. Once she was here, she found herself amongst people that worked for the Russian Mafia, and was forced into prostitution -explains Keanu.

The gangsters threatened Irina with killing her family that was still living in Moscow, if she would not work for them. This is where Robert Sampson comes in, the Wall Street broker that Keanu will interpret.

-Robert visited Irina as yet another client, but when she told him her story, he underwent a spiritual transformation and decided to help her -the actor tells us.

At the Top

The story of the broker and the unfortunate young Russian, was picked up by a reporter named Daniel Jeffreys, who wrote an extensive article about it. When Keanu read it, he immediately contacted his agent so that he could purchase the rights.

-It's the type of movie that I have wanted to do for years now. It is a moving story that demonstrates that in our world there are still people willing to help others -the actor explained.

When Keanu showed interest in the story, the most important studios in Hollywood did as well. And it is not surprising. Given the acclaimed success of "Matrix," in Hollywood the name "Keanu Reeves" has now become synonymous with "Box Office Hit." He also has signed a contract to film the second and third installments of that same science fiction movie, for which he will collect more than fifty million pesetas, an unprecedented sum in the movie industry.

Being a Father

Keanu Reeves is one of the heroes in the movie world today, but in real life he defines himself as a normal person. As we can see in one of the pictures here published, Keanu has also added himself to the informal and somewhat shabby style of dress that lately seems to be the in thing amongst the young idols of Hollywood, including Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. As we can see in this picture, Keanu is sporting several days worth of unkempt facial hair and is dressed in a worn T-shirt with a hole through which you can see his belt buckle. An image similar to that of a beggar.

At any rate, it seems Keanu has more important things to think about. Actually, the actor awaits nervously the birth of his first child, fruit of the relationship that he maintains with a young woman named Jennifer Styme. The couple's child will be born in the first months of the year 2000.


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GuestFishing for Moonlight (2012-09-11 03:00:17)
 And where is this movie now? Was it made or stopped for some reason? Does anybody know?
Anakin McFly
(2012-09-11 22:57:32)

The movie wasn't made; no idea the reasons behind it, though lots of movies fall through at the pre-development stage.

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