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Keanu Reeves is preparing for his latest role - fatherhood. 'It's going to be great,' he says

It's a girl for Keanu and Jen

by Rebecca Fletcher

They've picked the name, bought the clothes, now they've just got to wait...

Keanu Reeves may well tuck into that lunch. He's going to need all the sustenance he can get in a few weeks' time, when his long-time girlfriend Jennifer Syme gives birth to the couple's first child. NOW can exclusively reveal that they're going to have a daughter - and have even decided on a name. She's going to be called Eva Archer and have both Reeves and Syme as a surname.

'Keanu's absolutely thrilled by the news,' says Jenny Rose, a close friend of the couple. 'He can't wait to become a dad.'

They might well be expecting a baby, but Keanu and Jennifer live apart and have no plans to move in together once the baby arrives early next year. Instead, Keanu's bought Jennifer, 27, a luxury home in Los Angeles, where he's already a regular visitor.

He took the chance to grab lunch while they waited for Jennifer's antenatal instructor to arrive.

The 34-year-old Matrix star, who's just finished filming his latest movie The Replacements, with Gene Hackman, has made it clear that he wants to be involved in every step of Jennifer's pregnancy and in his daughter's upbringing.

'I want to be part of their life,' he says. 'My dad walked out, so I know what it's like to grow up without a father and wouldn't ever do that to my child.'

When the session was over, Jennifer did a quick change and went to meet her mother Maria for some baby shopping. With Keanu having already taken care of clothes - he's often seen in LA's trendy baby boutiques buying sleepsuits - Jennifer concentrated on kitting out the nursery.

It doesn't appear as if Eva's going to want for anything. 'With these two as parents, she's going to be one lucky baby,' says Jenny Rose.


While waiting for Jennifer's antenatal instructor to arrive, Keanu - looking, oddly, like Johnny Depp - grabs a quick snack.

The star doesn't intend to move into the luxury LA home he's just bought Jennifer, but he plans to be a hands-on dad. 'I want to be a part of their life,' he says.

With less than two months to go, Jennifer wants to have the nursery finished by Christmas.

Emotions are rising now she's seven months pregnant, so Jennifer gets a hug from mum Maria, left.

She finds the perfect child's antique rocking chair, right.

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