New Idea (Aus), January 10, 2000

The new millennium started out tragically for actor Keanu Reeves as the baby he was so looking forward to with gal pal Jennifer Syme was stillborn. Worse yet, Keanu's sister is battling against cancer.

Sources say that just before Christmas, Jennifer, who was due to give birth to a baby girl in January, called Keanu, worried that something was wrong. "She suspected something was abnormal because the baby was not moving. And when she and Keanu went for an ultrasound that day, their worst fears proved true. The camera showed the baby had died in the womb, from a blood clot to the umbilical cord," says a pal.

"Keanu couldn't really grieve for the baby until Jen was out of harm's way. You see, doctors were forced to induce labour and she had to deliver the baby anyway. He wanted this baby badly. The birth of the baby was hope to a dismal situation at home."

Recently Keanu moved in with his sister Kim, 33, who is undergoing chemotherapy for lymphatic cancer. She was diagnosed ten years ago and had been in remission.

"This is just so unfair," says Keanu's friend. "The guy has had enough bad luck already. He's one of the greatest guys on earth. There is no doubt in my mind that Keanu and Jennifer will try for another baby. He's definitely ready - and a fine dad he will make too!"

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Lives and Deaths of Jennifer and Ava


Lives and Deaths of Jennifer and Ava , Reeves Family

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