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Keanu Reeves mourns over daughter

(Translated from Norwegian by Tina)

The actor Keanu Reeves and girlfriend Jennifer Syme are in mourning after they lost their newborn daughter Eva Archer. The little girl was born Christmas eve, but lived only for a short while.

It was a heartbroken Keanu Reeves dressed in black arm in arm with his girlfriend Jennifer Syme that visited the cemetery where their little girl is buried. The pregnancy have been tried concealed, but this summer it was known that the Matrix star was expecting his first child with then unknown Jennifer Syme. A source revealed that the actor was "very happy".

Lived separately

Jennifer Syme has earlier been an assistant to David Lynch and was also seen in his film "Lost Highway". The couple lived separately and apparently had no plans of moving in together. But Keanu Reeves wanted to play an important part of his daughters life and hoped to see her as often as possible. The date of birth was set to be 25th of December, but according to the American Fame Pictures the little girl was born Christmas eve. She died the same day. The parents had decided long ago that she should be named Eva Archer and have both surnames.


The speculations around the pregnancy have been many. For several years there have been rumours that Keanu Reeves was gay, rumours he haven't denied or confirmed. Some years ago the same speculations said that the actor had married record producer David Geffen. But after the success with the action movie "Speed", he was then linked with co-star Sandra Bullock.

Hollywood's golden boy

"Speed" made Keanu Reeves a star, and after last years "Matrix" the 36 year-old is one of Hollywood's best paid actors. Only three weeks after "Matrix" had its premiere in Norway, over 200000 Norwegians had been to see this science-fiction-fantasy. The hysteria around the movie is not over yet, and the fans are waiting impatiently for the sequels. The now very sought after moviestar has signed a golden deal to play in Matrix 2 and 3. And with that the career should be secured for several years.

Shooting in February

This week it was also confirmed that Keanu Reeves has accepted to play in the low-budget movie "The Gift", with Australian Cate Blanchett who plays a clairvoyant woman. Reeves plays a wife abuser suspected for murder, and the shooting starts February 7th. Reeves has not yet made any announcements of the consequences his privat tragedy will have on his acting in the near future.

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Lives and Deaths of Jennifer and Ava


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