The Globe (US), January 25, 2000

Keanu Reeves shattered over his stillborn baby

by David Thompson

Heartbroken Keanu Reeves is desperately trying to come to terms with the tragic death of his eagerly anticipated first child, friends reveal.

The handsome actor and his girlfriend Jennifer Syme were devastated, say pals, when the baby girl - already lovingly named Ava - was stillborn just before her Christmas due date.

"Keanu is absolutely crushed," a friend of The Matrix star confides. "Instead of bringing the child home for Christmas, he had to make funeral arrangements."

The couple spent the holidays consumed by grief, say pals. And as Globe exclusive photos reveal, their agony was still etched on their faces when they made an emotional pilgrimage to the baby's final resting place in Los Angeles' Westwood Village cemetery on Jan. 4.

Clad in somber black and gray, Keanu, 35, and 27-year-old Jennifer broke down and wept at the sight of the flower-covered grave.

"They both looked totally broken and distraught," says a cemetery visitor who witnessed the scene.

The sad saga began shortly before Christmas, as Jennifer, a former assistant to director David Lynch and shockrocker Marilyn Manson, became alarmed because she hadn't felt the baby move in days.

The couple rushed to the doctor, and ultrasound tests quickly revealed that the baby had died in the womb.

"They turned to each other and burst into tears," reveals a pal. "It was the worst day of their lives."

Even though the baby was already dead, doctors had to induce labor and Jennifer delivered the tiny, stillborn girl.

"Keanu was right by her side throughout the ordeal," a source confides. "He held her hand and they cried."

While Keanu and Jennifer have never lived together, he was so excited about being a father, sources reveal, that he promised to curb his notorious wild partying and even solicited parenting advice from friends and family.

"He really had his heart set on becoming a dad," says a pal. "Instead, he and Jennifer are undergoing grief counseling to try and help them cope with their anguish."

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GuestKeanu (2017-01-10 12:03:59)
 Maybe he should have married her instead of just curbing his evil ways
Guest (2017-01-14 04:02:27)
 Who are you to judge? A stillbirth can happen to anyone. A little compassion for a fellow human being is in order.
Guestprincess (2017-04-16 05:39:12)
 well one can say but I feel bad for Keanu
Guest (2017-09-24 06:32:48)
 My God, is there anything more crushing than delivering a dead baby? Having gone through a miscarriage, I know that it can strain even the strongest love. But to lose a baby that late... that is heartbreaking.
scarletx@ Guest Keanu (2017-01-10 12:03:59) (2019-09-09 01:15:02)
 Why would he have married her? Jennifer wasn’t it. She was a casual relationship/friend who happened to get pregnant.

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