Yahoo! News (US), January 26, 2000

Reeves Gets Cushy 'Ottoman' Job

by Michael Fleming

NEW YORK (Variety) - Keanu Reeves is set to play the starring role in "The Ottoman Empire,'' a wild comedy about a New Jersey furniture salesman with a terrible secret.

The Columbia Pictures project will shoot this summer with Andrew Bergman directing from his own script. Bergman's "Isn't She Great,'' starring Bette Midler and Nathan Lane, bows this weekend via Universal.

Reeves has now completely filled out his dance card for the year before embarking next winter on a 250-day shoot with Larry and Andy Wachowski on back-to-back sequels of "The Matrix''

He will begin work shortly on the Sam Raimi-directed ensemble drama "The Gift'' in which he plays a wife-beating redneck. He then moves to the Pat O'Connor-directed romance ''Sweet November'' for Warner Bros., followed by "Ottoman.''

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