Bliss (UK), January 2000

Exclusive Chat

Things we love about Keanu

He loves his rock band, Dogstar (they played Glastonbury '99), as much as his acting...
"I love the sound of the bass, the physicality of it, the way it feels to play it."

He can take the flak...
"I have to admit to feeling like the critics' whipping boy. You know what? It used to bug me, but now, being a Virgo, I kind of like it."

He likes real girls...
"I'm not immune to the physical aspect, but what attracts me is a girl's personality."

His childhood was strange...
"Groovy people would come over. Alice Cooper scared our maid with fake vomit and poo."

He's a bit spiritual...
"I don't want to say spirituality is like higher energy - it's every thing other than this table. It's in the table but it's not the table.

Er, quite.

The Matrix is now available to rent or buy.


Dogstar , Matrix, The

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