E! Online (US), February 25, 2000

Tea with Ted

by Ted Casablanca

From fsufan2:
Q: Hi, Ted. Sunni from Florida. What is this top-secret Net stuff about Ben Affleck? Is it true he's jealous because the Keanu sites are more popular than his sites?

A: Quite frankly, I think Ben is much more involved with his fans than is Keanu. But the fact that he's trying so hard will most likely prevent him from overtaking Keanu's surprisingly loyal legions. I swear, they're worse than Michael Jackson fans.




(2009-10-09 00:24:45)
 Yup, that'll be us. Loyal Legions. Fans Forever. Awsome Anuites. Etc etc.
Anakin McFly
:D (2009-10-09 00:26:40)

This reminds me of:

"Keanu fans on the internet are pretty much the worst people in the world, far worse than Hitler, who was the leader of Germany during the WWII era." - Quesazilla

(2009-10-09 01:03:57)
 hey, I WAS a Michael Jackson fan :D
a part of me still is ...
Well (2009-10-09 05:13:12)
 I don't know about the 'legion' bit, but what's surprising about being loyal to someone you like?
(2009-10-09 14:07:39)
 Nothing wrong w/that, I don't think. :)
(2009-10-09 17:54:02)
  what's surprising about being loyal to someone you like?

in today's world ? everything
;) :D :D

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